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Special Project: #WhyPublicPolicyMatters

#WhyPublicPolicyMatters is an Instagram and YouTube series featuring Duke Sanford School of Public Policy alumni talking about how they use policy skills in the professional world. For example during the COVID-19 pandemic, public policy has been changing from day to day, and our alumni have to either plan for or deal with the repercussions in a variety of roles.

Real stories, from real alumni, talking about how they are tacking these fast-moving changes.

Watch series on YouTube or read below.

“Faculty made so much of a difference in terms of my education…[like] Professor David Gergen, who gave us his experience advising presidents; Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton. It was just a fascinating lecture. One lesson stands out: he said that whenever you’re given the opportunity to speak publicly, take it.” ­–Marc Read more
“Duke took a young man who didn’t know his path and gave him so many opportunities, through work-study jobs and internships. My through line is about problem-solving, and that’s what Sanford taught me. My career moves have been about solving problems for my communities.” Derek Rhodes PPS ’15 has worked Read more
“I joined Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser’s office as Executive in Residence. Now, we have been struck, as we all have, by the loss of lives and livelihoods that has been brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. I have tried to focus specifically on the impact of this crisis on Read more
#WhyPublicPolicyMatters with @sunshine.919: . “I’m a member of the Navajo Nation and I reside in Monument Valley, Utah. With the impacts of COVID-19, unfortunately, the Navajo nation is one of the hotspots in this country. . My reality has changed in that all of the chapters, which is the form Read more
This week, #WhyPublicPolicyMatters to @kwu_coo MPP’19: . “I work at the Bipartisan Policy Center, a think tank located in Washington, D.C. on the health project, which is the team that works on healthcare access, coverage and quality. Prior to COVID-19, Iwas working on projects dealing with low-income, disabled, and elderly Read more
“About a year ago, I joined the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, in marketing and communications. With the virus, we’ve developed an emergency response fund. My role is actually to communicate that to the community and let citizens know how they can contribute to that but importantly, letting various groups Read more
“One of my jobs is to sit on the Chapel Hill town council. There are a lot of policy issues on my mind right now as we are working our way through the coronavirus pandemic. The first is, how do we deal with food insecurity? We have folks in our Read more
“I serve as the Director of External Affairs for DSST Public Schools, a network of charter middle schools and high schools in Denver and Aurora. I have spent the last two to three weeks very much focused on policy issues, mostly centered around access for our students and families. During Read more
#WhyPublicPolicyMatters continues today with recent graduate Tyler Gamble MPP’17. . “I work as a strategy consultant for a small strategy consulting firm based here in Denver called Prosono. Most of our clients at Prosono are small, medium, large nonprofit entities, so that can mean school systems, universities, foundations. Currently, we Read more
We’re starting a new series featuring @duke_sanford alumni talking about #WhyPublicPolicyMatters in their work place now that they are working in the professional world. During the #COVID-19 pandemic, public policy has been changing day to day and our alumni are having to deal with the repercussions in a variety of Read more