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I never grew up where I saw an injustice and I just sat on my hands and did nothing. Because I didn’t grow up in that type of household. So, I got involved [in the environmental justice movement] myself as a very young person. As time went on, I saw Read more
"When I was a college student I did not have a lot of black teachers or people of color. I recognized that my own experience was not reflected in what I was being taught. I come from a mixed household, my dad is from the Ivory Coast, and my mom Read more
I teach global health ethics as one of my classes. I open the classroom the first day by having the students talk about what a respectful classroom looks like to them. They are fantastic at bringing up [things like] noises someone might make — kind of a little laughter or Read more
On January 2, 2021 I drove around Hilton Head Island, South Carolina looking for a “drawing set” to take up drawing as a new means of stress relief. One year later, it is hard for me to imagine my life without the outlet of visual art. My first piece was Read more
“Growing up in NYC, I was lucky enough to be exposed to art, music, food, and culture of people from all over the world from a very young age. My NYC childhood and my educational journey is probably quite atypical but both definitely inform who I am and why I Read more
“An odyssey is a journey and I like to take my listeners through a bit of a journey through different kinds of music. I love discovering new music! You know - when you’re a teenager, [music is] a very big part of discovering your identity and finding yourself.  When we moved Read more
Immigration has a lot of salience right now. It’s front on a lot of people’s policy discussions - what this course does is going to go back behind it and try to understand why people immigrate. I’ve just been increasingly struck by the fact that the United States is not Read more
“I’m grateful that in the United States, the historical constructs of slavery and government-sanctioned genocide no longer exist.” - Jay Pearson, Assistant Professor #HumansofDukeSanford #Faculty Read more
Sanford professor Helen “Sunny” Ladd headed out to the Women’s March on Washington to protest the new administration.“I’m marching because I think it¹s important to remind Trump that he is a minority president, and he’s meant to represent all of us,” she said. “Also, with this president, it’s really important Read more