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I started my career at another business but I knew Duke was bigger and I thought to myself, "I need to get to Duke so I can have opportunity for advancement in my career.” So, I ended up applying for a few positions at Duke and got a call back Read more
I didn't really start playing baseball until late elementary school. But I always just thought, like, you know -- the lights are on you, the grass, the dirt, the baseball pants, the crack of the bat - just the atmosphere of baseball, I just fell in love with it. I Read more
DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) inundated my life from my earthly beginning, as my parents encouraged their children to taste of the world’s bountiful array, a buffet of artistry and science created by people just as arrayed as what they yielded. Yes, born in Korea, graduating high school in Germany, Read more
This job was created in part by students for students. My official title is Student Wellness and Engagement Coordinator, and my role serves students in the MPP and the MIDP program. On the wellness side I work one on one with students. I do personal sessions for mental health concerns, Read more
The tuba was not my first choice of instrument. I did not want to play the tuba. My sisters and I all played the violin. My older sister played the clarinet, another sister played the trombone … but in high school they needed more tuba players, and I’ve stuck with Read more
"For me the biggest thing I’m struggling with is physical distance: a lack of proximity to my community. Not being able to take a stroll through the commons and make small talk to people as they’re studying or working in groups. Not seeing my co-workers. . The other side of Read more
“My full name is really long, even in my native Kazakh language. Wherever I go, I see people struggling to pronounce and spell my name correctly. So, I go by a shorter name: Akma. I am the eldest of five siblings. I grew up setting the high bar as a Read more
“I was a first-generation college student and so my father worked in a factory and his brother worked in factories and they were in unions at one time. They felt like the unions were really giving them a voice. So I wanted to do something where I can help staff, Read more
“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to come to a community like Sanford where we all share in this joint mission of trying to make the world better, and bringing good into our communities, so I know that the work I do is meaningful and it’s gonna make a difference Read more
“My mother called me and asked if I had happened to notice a group of high-ranking Chinese officials taking classes at Duke. I asked my mother how she knew about the group and that’s when she told me that apparently, my aunt was one of the officials there. Soon, after Read more
“I wake up at 3:30 every morning. It’s a 45-minute drive, I come from Franklinton, Creedmor area. We used to punch in at the Rubenstein building. Now we punch in down by the tennis courts. It’s way down there, and then I walk up here to start work at 5. Read more